Studio Series: Snail IW6LCR 

Snail IW6LCR

IW6LCR Series Specifications  

International patent guided wave technology;

﹒Speakers: 1x6 "inch guide wave + white iron wire mesh, 1x1";          ﹒rated  power: 200-400W;

﹒coverage (6 dB) : 80 ° horizontal, 80 ° Vertical ;             ﹒sensitivity: 90 dB/W/M;

﹒Direct pressure (SPL) : 114dB - 120dB;                          ﹒frequency response (plus or minus 3dB) : 70-40KHz;

﹒Standard impedance: 8ohms;                                        ﹒Recommended configuration power: 200W;

﹒Recommended frequency: 80HZ ;                                  ﹒input power: 200W-800W

﹒Net weight: 3.4 KG;                                                     ﹒finished product size: 236 (W) X140 X276 (D) (H) mm;

﹒The size of the packing: 355X315X220mm;

product feature

The IW6LCR USES a variable, leaf-guided Boeing box patent. The variable shutter type guide Boeing box, the main structure is composed of chip can adjust the Angle of the shutter, its characteristic is to specific adjustable hundred pages in a position of speakers pronounce, sound from the speaker export guided wave point to specify the direction, and by adjusting the variable shutter sound in the way of the effective frequency and sound pressure to point to the distance and location. Blade guide this technique by changing direction of direct sound, make the direct sound waves through the guide blade specified direction, which can effectively solve the problem of speakers direct Angle, this patent is different from conventional loudspeakers variable direction is that the patent is to change the speaker's overall frequency, and other single only part of the frequency change the horn. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and good acoustics.

The IW6LCR can be customized for different colors and different styles. Wall hanging, embeddable, and vertical kinds of installation, meet all kinds of demand, save space greatly. Form a complete 5.1, 7.2 home theater system based on the size of the room or living room, with a 10 or 12 inch low sound. Snail home cinema speakers, easily implement common household life and karaoke, home theater, Hi - Fi the perfect combination of music, to solve the disadvantages of professional audio entertainment can't be used in the living room.

Snail IW6LCR
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