Studio Series: S10C 


Product Features
     High level frosted surface (fingerprint proof)
          + tempered glass;
          Active super Subwoofer, Dynamic, natural, powerful
          and surrounded with ultra-bass vibration.
          Active integration with built-in amplifier.
          Active subwoofer.
          All materials meet ROHS requirement.
Technical parameters

Drive Units:                           10" Driver+10"passive  bass vibration films;
Frequency Response:             30Hz-160Hz;
Amplifier Power Output:         900 watts  RMS short-term;
Sensitivity:                            86±3dB/W/m( 100Hz );
Crossover Range:                   80~120Hz;
Inputs:                                  RCA Line(2VP-P);
Input Impedance:                   6Ω;
Signal-to-noise ratio(S/N):   >86dB(100Hz A WEIGHTED);
Avg. Max Output @1m:          116dB;
Features :                             0.5W low standby power consumption;
                                           Thermal shutdown; Short circuit and overload 
                                           protection;Permanent high frequency protection; 
                                           Proprietary DSP module;
Voltage:                             AC 220V-240V 50Hz;
Dimensions:                       295(L)X295(W)X399(H)mm;
Net weight :                         20Kg;
Gross weight:                     22Kg;

Product Info
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