About Snail Power

     SNAIL POWER originated from Milan, Italy. It was founded in 1995 by Steven, a professional audio designer. Mr. Steven worked for dB Technologies, Souns Faber,  Mr. Steven, with professional audio and civil audio technology gene, created unique SNAIL POWER products.  

     SNAIL POWER launched U1 home theater audio in the same year that it was founded. The U1 home theater audio has become popular among Italian consumers with its high quality sound quality, simple and beautiful appearance, easy installation and low price. It has been reported by many media.  It has been criticized as "ushering in a new era of modern living room cinema".  

     In the audio world, SNAILPOWER (Snail) products are considered to have a unique "Danish sound" gene.  It can best be described as an excellent balance of openness, clarity and continuity, as well as adaptability to various musical genres, making it easy for the listener to engage and immerse himself in rhythm.  

      In 2009, SNAIL POWER entered into strategic cooperation with Shenzhen New Zeyu Group to enter the Chinese market. After 25 years of development, it has 500 experience centers worldwide and 200 experience centers in China.  More successful businessmen, film stars, pop stars choose SNAIL POWER audio products.  

      Every year, it brings wonderful theater experience to more than 10,000 families around the world. SNAIL POWER audio has become the world's popular modern home theater audio.