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Whether debunking or verifying new and long-held theories, the following reports promote a higher degree of understanding and awareness of the business of sound reproduction.
  • Electronically variable room acoustics - motivations and challenges(December 2013)

    Electronically variable room acoustics, or 'active acoustics', has become an effective solution to a variety of room acoustics challenges. The motivations for considering such systems often go beyond acoustics. Energy conservation, financial considerations, historic preservation, and balancing the needs of a venue's constituencies all can play a role in the determination to employ active acoustics. This paper will discuss some practical examples, including planned renovations to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, home of the Academy Awards during the 1960s, a resident orchestra, legendary rock concerts, and a unique hydraulic floor to convert the Civic from a performance space to an exhibit space. The active acoustic system objectives, design strategies, and challenges will be discussed.
  • Optimizing acoustics for spoken word using active acoustics(December 2013)

    Teleconferencing, classrooms, lectures, drama, and worship all rely on spoken word to convey a message. The successful receipt of the message is largely dependent on the acoustic of the room, the vessel for the message, both in amplified and unamplified situations. A room that supports teleconferencing well will have minimal early reflections and reverberation, yet the same room may be used in a classroom environment that would benefit from early reflections. Active acoustic systems can be used to provide this acoustic energy. Early Reflection Benefit (ERB) will be revisited, and an active acoustic system utilized for speech will be described.


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