Studio Series: IW4/IW4LCR 


1:Product features

High quality Matte silver finish (fingerprint proof);

2.75-inch high performance speaker + two passive bass vibration films;

Small volume, 200W high power;

Using the guided wave structure, to change the direction of sound;

Fully sealed body, astonished music enjoyment;          

All materials meet ROHS requirement;

CI custom installation;

Bring more convenient and extreme installation experience for home theater, background music and professional conference system.

2:Technical parameters

Drive Units:                           1X2.75" Driver
Frequency Response:          50Hz-20KHz(-10dB)
Power Iutput:                        20 ~ 200W
Sensitivity:                           89dB/W/m
Avg. Max Output @1m:       110dB
Input Impedance:                 8Ω
Inputs:                                  Bindingpost
Dimensions:                         Φ125x103mm
Net weight:                           0.83Kg (Single)

Product Info
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